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IPH&H College of Nursing is unique in being a compact, self-contained campus in worlds democracy capital delhi . You will enjoy the convenience as well as the friendly atmosphere of the campus, whilst also experiencing the excitement of life in the capital. Our campus has a range of facilities all on one site, including students cafeteria ,sports facilities, shops in near locations.



IPH&H College of Nursing is mainly a day-campus with limited on-campus housing. Priority is therefore given to "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS". Residential Housing plays an integral role in the Institutes educational mission. Therefore, life in campus housing is an experience that is enjoyable, rewarding, and beneficial to the development and growth of each student. All students living in the halls of residence can expect a quality residential program that provides for a supportive environment in which every student can live, learn, and develop academic and social skills. While convenience is often the number one reason for living on campus, IPH&H College Housing offers students much more than just a place to study and sleep. A decision to live College means that a student will join students who live in our campus and call it home.

IPHH College of Nursing provides opportunities for student growth and development through educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs. If a student chooses to live on campus, he or she will meet more people - guaranteed. Living on campus will give a student a greater sense of connection with the College and with the people they will meet.

The Hostel Office staff includes Head of Hostel, these staff, based on their commitment to student development needs, act as both a support and a resource to resident students in various capacities. Additionally, the Hostel Staff and the College administration believe that residential life can make a significant contribution to the social, physical and intellectual development of our students. The Hostel Office staff members strive to create in each residence hall, a community atmosphere that is both academically and socially stimulating. Student growth and development are encouraged and supported by the staff through floor and hall programs. Each resident is expected to assume responsibility for his/her own actions and to assist in maintaining a comfortable and safe living environment. Residence hall has a reception desk which serves various student needs throughout the day. The desk is manned 24 hours.

The residential buildings have recreational facilities such as the table tennis, TV room ,Mess & Dining area. There are communal bathrooms on each floor shared by occupants from all rooms. Resident Assistants live in each hostel to provide assistance and facilitate a positive community experience.

We understand that student's safety and security in IPH&H and around the Campus are important. IPH&H College Hostels, in coordination with the College Security, work to provide a safe and healthy living environment for the resident student. The primary function of these individuals is to keep a watchful eye on the building and residents by making interior and exterior rounds of the building and responding to hall emergencies.


A Detailed Hand Book for reservation of seat and general information can be obtained from the Office.

Notice Board


B.Sc Nursing

Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing

4 Years Degree Course

Eligibility Criteria: +2 Pass (PCBE)

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing

Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing

2 Years Degree Course

Eligibility Criteria: GNM


(General Nursing & Midwifery)

3 Years Diploma Course

Eligibility Criteria: +2 Pass (Any Stream)




(Multi Purpose Health Worker)

18 Months Diploma Course

Eligibility Criteria: +2 Pass (Any Stream)


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